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With large, open spaces that feature an inpouring of natural light, Mae District provides a brilliant canvas for your upcoming event. Our expert planners believe

that it's all in the details - create a masterpiece in every moment with Mae District.


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Our Space

A jewel in Chicago's vibrant Motor Row District, Mae District is a gathering space and open-air terrace that embodies the classic beauty of old Chicago while celebrating the endless new beginnings of a City that never stops moving. Just blocks away from vast Lake Michigan and steps from McCormick Center, this two story space nestled within among a collection redstone brick buildings features an exceptional history. It is the perfect getaway on the doorstep of Chicago.

Our Team

There are days when things seem to fall into place, where every thought, each plan, all the details for your event seamlessly coincide. When you get to say your experience was amazing, we get to say it was a job well done.

Our History

Mae District's storied past began in the late 1800's when the building was constructed by the Chicago Illuminating Company. Later occupied by Al Capone and his crew, Mae District saw the likes of the infamous gang's target practice in the upstairs shooting range. One of Capone’s many speakeasies was even located just across the alleyway. Hosting a rich, unique history that simply can't be manufactured, our venue is truly one of a kind.

Our Location

Mae District is seated at the heart of Chicago's Motor Row - considered to be the largest, intact early “automobile row” in the U.S., home to as many as 116 different makers of automobiles at its peak. Today, the Motor Row District hosts a variety of different attractions, dining, and nightlight - including Mae District! A couple things nearby:

Points of Interest

1. Mae District Event Venue

2. McCormick Place Convention Center



3. Garage Parking, 2101 Michigan Ave.

4. McCormick Place Green Line Station

5. Chinatown Red Line Station


6. Hiltons at McCormick Place

7. Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

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